A downloadable game for Windows

Created by Jacob Tan and Marc Aguilar a.k.a.

jaytee - www.youtube.com/c/jaytee27

mashedP - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYFxV58d1mEu9CcSt...

This game is created by students who are committed to learn to be great in Game Development.

This is our first time creating a game for a game jam and it has been told us by our professor that this would be a great practice for us to gain experience on developing with timeline and pressure.

Mental is story based, 8 bit horror game about a man that woke up in an abandon house and found out his girl is missing and blood on the floor. As he wanders around the unknown forest, he found some notes and clues on what happened to them. Did he do it?

The game is at 10% for this is just a sneak peak of the gameplay. We are still a student and we have been busy too in our school so this is what we made so far and but we are willing to continue to the finish the whole game.

Install instructions

1. Press the download button

2. Extract the file

3. look for the .exe and press it

4. Play in full screen :


Mental (Prototype).zip 26 MB

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